Monday, May 2, 2011

A Book Written for Me

I just LOVE going to school at BYU-Idaho!  I think it's the greatest place in the world!  There's such a great spirit on campus, and everybody loves everybody.  I especially love that I get to go to a religion class each semester.  Since I'm still only a freshman, I'm taking the Book of Mormon class, and I absolutely LOVE it!  I've been in the class for less than 3 weeks, and I've learned so much more about it!  I can't count how many times I've read it before, but this semester's different.  We read a talk by President Benson that really opened my eyes.  He said that even though it was written over a thousand years ago, everything in it was written for our day.  The people the stories are about never read these things.  I've always read it before only seeing cool stories.  But now, I think, "How does this relate to the world today?  What is this trying to teach me?"  I can actually see how it applies directly into my life.  It's a book written for me!  I especially love the stories in Alma.  Before, they were just cool war stories and cool conversion stories.  Now, they're an amazing testimony of how the Lord lives!  I can't wait for my daily scripture study.  I take notes and pay a lot better attention to what I'm reading, instead of just skimming a couple verses every night.  I'm reading many chapters a night and really getting into it!  My testimony is so much stronger now!  It's amazing what less than 3 weeks can do to my life.  It truly is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ."  I feel happier, even though I've always been a pretty happy person.  I'm feeling more alive, and every day more and more grateful of what the Lord has done for my life.  I'm so thankful that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!  This gospel has done so much for me and has given me so much peace and comfort in my life.  I can't imagine a life without it.  It's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me!  I can't wait to read about it more!  I can't wait to continue developing my testimony of my Savior.  I JUST LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!



  1. I started a scripture journal for my Faith project. I disect the scriptures and the stories and try to "liken them" to me and my world. Amazing thing happen when you do that. My personal journal may not always be written in, but hopefully my scripture journals will be read by my family and they will know my testimony and my love of the Savior, My Heavenly Father and the scriptures. That will be better for them in the times to come than knowing that I went grocery shopping and saved $11.47 because I can shop sales and use coupons. Of course I am trying to find the gospel application or a parable for the luggage cart. That has to live on and on adn on..... :0)

  2. HEY! I am your first follower with a FACE! I am super cool. You are super cooler...but I am trying to catch up! Thank you also for your wonderful thoughts on the Book of Mormon. Keep sharing that testimony...