Thursday, May 31, 2012

20 Life Lessons

These are just some things I've learned about myself so far this semester.  :)

1. LIFE IS FANTASTIC!!!  OK, so I already knew that, but each and every day I'm just reminded how amazing life really is.  
2. The key to happiness is looking past the discouraging times and remember all the good.
3. The Gospel makes me happier each and every day!
4. Music is basically my eternal calling.  Literally and figuratively.  Ever since I turned 18 the only calling I've ever had in church has been in music.  Ward pianist, Ward Music Coordinator- three times, and now, Relief Society Pianist.  Good thing it's my favorite calling!  And music anything just makes me happy.  Playing piano and guitar and singing are some of my favorite things to do!
5. Science can actually be fun!  I usually hate all science classes, but now I'm taking 2 that I actually really like!
6. I'm a procrastinator.  I never get my homework done until the night before it's due, usually finishing at midnight or 2:00 in the morning.
7. Service is fun!  I was an I-Rep for Get Connected, now I'm a Student Ambassador, and I'm going to be an I-Team leader in the fall!  WOO!!!
8. The temple is a place of comfort and happiness.  'Nuff said.
9. It's better to talk about your feelings than just keeping them bottled up inside.
10. Entertainment is easy to come by.  All you need is a tape measure and some crazy fun roommates to put it to good use.
11. Going to the gym is actually fun!  Especially when it's free and right across the street!
12. I can write songs!  WOOHOO!
13. I CAN keep a clean room!  It's good that I've finally realized that after 20 years of life.  Haha.
14. 17 credits with no fun classes is a lot more stressful than I thought it would be.
15. Special Education most definitely is the major I need to do!  I've known that for 2 years.  But recently I realized that I don't necessarily want to work in a school.  I want to do Early Intervention or be a Habilitative Interventionist or something of that nature.
16. Dairy Queen Blizzards make everything better.
17. Sometimes the Lord makes you work for the answer to your prayers.  And sometimes He smacks you in the face with the answer.  Either way, you'd better be ready for it to come and be ready to accept whatever His answer is for you!
18. Clothes are fun to buy.  So are shoes.  Sometimes a girl's just got to spoil herself!
19. Be true to yourself and to the Lord and everything will work out.
20. The Church is true!  There is absolutely NO doubt about it in my mind.  Every tender mercy I see in my life just proves it each and every day.  

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  1. Love, Love, Love this!!! I especially like #13 ;)
    Love, love, love YOU! You make a mommy proud.