Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time to rant again... plus some exciting news!

It's been quite a while since I've updated my life.  Probably because there's not much to update about.  Haha.  The semester got over just before Christmas, and winter is my off-track.  So I moved home and started working at Transition's again.  I still absolutely LOVE my job!  Although it's kind of boring having the same routine every day.  Get up early, go to work, come home tired, do something around the house, go to bed, repeat.  Don't get me wrong, I love being home, but life's just so much more entertaining at college.  A much bigger social life.  :)  But I'll be back in Rexburg in LESS THAN A MONTH!!!  I'm so ready to get back to classes... I know, that's weird to say.  But it'll give me something to do.  Plus, I love my major!  Special Education is my calling in life.  :)

Anyway, now to the more exciting news in my life.  Kira's engaged!  She met Jeff in Utah when she moved down in January, and now they're already planning a wedding.  Super exciting!  July 6th is the day, Rexburg Temple is the place.

Now for my next exciting bit of news... I got a piano!  In my room!  Grandma and Grandpa are moving to a retirement home next week and they gave me their electric piano.  It's pretty much the greatest.  I've figured out how to record my songs onto a program on my computer, and I realized that I can make up whole songs on the spot.  :)  Life's just great!

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